MaryBeth Jarvis Clark (she,her)

MaryBeth Jarvis Clark is a River Writing facilitator and Feldenkrais practitioner, using gentle movement to help people uncover their hidden habits and find less stressful ways to move through their daily activities. MaryBeth finds that the “moving-to-discover” attitude of the Feldenkrais Method blends beautifully with the “writing-to-discover” attitude of River Writing. Following the lead of other body-based practitioners such as Resmaa Menakem (My Grandmother’s Hands), MaryBeth hopes to make difficult conversations easier and more productive by helping people find ways to settle their nervous system and reduce reactivity. She’s seen how the Seven Agreements of River Writing weave a powerful container of kindness in which to practice courage and connection, and she’s committed to helping the River Writing community stay engaged with writing and working toward equality and justice.