Beatrice Washburn (she/her)

I am honored to have witnessed the birth of River Writing in 2015, which coincided with my own rebirth as Beatrice, living openly and authentically in my own skin as the woman I have always been.

My life is enriched by the tapestry of history, the narratives passed down through the ages, the poetic, the prosaic, the epic, and the commonplace. As a facilitator I seek to bring us into the mythopoetic conversation and the conversation with our history and our future. Whether you ever share the fruits of your pen outside of our circle or not, you have etched a piece of human history, and if that piece survives you and the ages you have enriched future generations’ understanding of their own past, which I consider a sacred and miraculous thing.

My heart belongs to my spouse, Ellery, our partner, Robin, and to my dear friends and family. I must bow to my mother, Nan Seymour, founder and fountain of River Writing, who inspires me every day to pursue my passions as a writer and facilitator. I look forward to many years of flowing in these waters, narrative and spiritual, turbulent and placid.