Amy May (she,her)

I finally joined a River Writing group in 2016 after being drawn to the practice but uncertain if I belonged. I was reluctant and terrified, but fortunately, I had enough curiosity about the practice to get me in the door. I wondered if it could really be welcoming to non-writers who want to test the waters like me (it is). I didn’t want to be humiliated by my lack of insight or flawed perspective (not possible in a community with such remarkable agreements). I didn’t want to take the place of a ‘real writer’ at the table (I now know that writers write, that’s all there is to it). I was pretty sure I didn’t even like poetry (I was so wrong). I even thought I’d never be able to read my messy handwriting (I was partially right about that, though it’s getting better all the time). 

Through this practice, I've learned to lovingly set aside my inner critic in order to stretch into my own narrative. Finding my voice in this way has been nothing short of magical. I’m forever grateful to this community, and for the ability to share this practice with others.