Nan Seymour (she,her) Founder

I provide narrative encouragement.

In 2015 I created River Writing to foster voice and authentic connection. Over the years, I've noticed how this practice also challenges the tyranny of perfectionism and breaks through walls of isolation.

Count me deeply smitten with life in all forms including scrub oak forests, vultures, and wild violets.

My debut poetry collection, prayers not meant for heaven has recently been published by Toad Hall Editions. The poems, written primarily during the pandemic, are prayers meant for the earth and for each other. I hope they will vine around us here on the ground, leaving us more knowingly and gladly intertwined.

The chambers of my heart are occupied by my daughter Beatrice, my love Mustafa, River Writers, and Sophie, my border collie/lab companion. I'm devoted to community and dare to hope that our collective participation in human evolution is tipping the balance of the cosmos towards kindness and even love.