River Writing Library

The River Writing Library is a community resource of nearly 500 books, over half of which are poetry. With the ongoing pandemic, we've decided to reopen the library in a COVID-friendly way. Click here to view our full list of available books. This list is searchable (Ctrl+F) and will show you if a book has already been checked out and is unavailable. You may check out up to 3 books at a time and keep them for one month (you will receive a reminder email one week before they're due back). After deciding which books you would like to check out, please fill out the request form below. Your books will be available for pick-up in a bin outside the River Writing Studio (9A Ambassador Plaza 150 South 600 East SLC 84102) within 48 hours of your request. You will receive an email or text when your books are ready. To return, you'll simply slide your books through the mail slot in the studio door or return to the bin if they do not fit through the slot. Please contact Chloe Skidmore () with any questions.


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